Sunday 2 July 2006

Toronto Blue Jays 6, Phillies 11

On the spur of the moment, Gord and I went to the Jays game this afternoon. We decided to go for the cheapest tix ... the $9 seats in the 500 level (the "nosebleed" section).

We were really high up (row 21 - three rows from the top) ...
... but in line with the batter and pitcher
The CN Tower from our seats
After the third inning, we moved down to empty seats in row three. We left after the eighth inning and Toronto was losing 10 to 5.
We ended up walking to Little Italy and had supper at South Side Louie's. Then we headed for a drink on the patio of Julie's Snack Bar (a popular Cuban restaurant in our 'hood) ... Gord likes the mojitos there. Then off to compare the mojitos on the Sky Yard at the Drake (also in our 'hood). The Drake's are apparently the best, according to Gord. I prefer a glass of bubbly when I'm at the Sky Yard. The Sky Yard was packed! We headed home early because Gord has to work tomorrow (one of the four stats he has to work during the year).


Anonymous said...

Okay, first... love the idea for dinner. One can never get tired of Italian cooking. Especially if it's good!

Second, I've never been that high up in SkyRogersCenterDome before. I heard even though you're high up, the view is awesome and the fans are something else.

(As it turns out one is not allowed to shout rude things at the players if you happen to be sitting in the press boxes... um... just take my word for that.)

Teena in Toronto said...

I'd never been that high in the Rogers Centre either. It was cool!

There was a guy sitting two rows away from us who was so loud that I swear the players must have been able to hear him. He was a hoot! Thankfully he was a Jays fan :)