Saturday 8 July 2006

Book ~ "The Greatest Networker in the World" - John Milton Fogg (1997)

From ~ Fogg’s parable is the story of a young man on the verge of quitting the multilevel marketing business. As he prepares to give his final opportunity meeting, he meets the individual everyone refers to as The Greatest Networker in the World. This man takes in his young counterpart and shows him the trade secrets so he too can become a successful network marketer. The young man soon learns that the trade secrets have very little to do with conventional marketing techniques. In fact, he has to unlearn everything he thought he knew about business. The new paradigm is built around one’s habits of thought and discovering that the secrets to network marketing success are within oneself. The values of responsibility, team building, and caring for one’s downline play a much more important role than competitive promotion and advertising. A critical skill for all marketers is the ability to teach people to teach others.

This book started out pretty good and had promise but it's basically a book about visualization ... if you want a house, picture yourself in the house, etc. So it definitely wasn't what I was expecting so I was disappointed.

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