Saturday 3 June 2006

Congrats, Kyle and Kerri

Gord's nephew (his sister's son), Kyle, got married today. Ken, Gord's son, arrived last night (he lives in Hamilton) and the three of us headed down this afternoon (about 2.5 hours from Toronto so we'll be spending the night at Gord's parents').

Kerri, the bride, is Catholic and the wedding was in her church in Marmora. The priest gave a wacky rambling sermon and one of the pieces of advice he gave them was that marriage is not a beer commercial. Um ... okay.

The reception was in Madoc (where Kyle is from). The bride and groom (and most of the guests) are really into country music and that's what the DJ played a lot off. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad even though I was the DD so wasn't drinking.

The bride and groom, Kerri and Kyle
"Aunty" Scotty (who is actually Gord's father's cousin's wife),
Minnie (Gord's mom) and Keith (Gord's stepfather)
Minnie and Keith
(Gord's mom and stepdad and the groom's grandparents)

Ken (Gord's son) and Gord
Ken (Gord's son), Teena and Gord
Judy (Gord's sister and mother of the groom) and Teena

Ken (Gord's son) boogying with his grandmother (Gord's mom)
Gord and Judy (his sister and mother of the groom)


Isabel said...

*marriage is not a beer commercial.*

All righty then. The bride looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love the colour of your top or dress? The groom looks very, very, very young or I am getting very, very, very Old.

Teena in Toronto said...

Izzy: The bride looked great and she was so nervous. The groom was very calm. Because of the rain, her gown was looking very ratty at the bottom towards the end of the night (going outside for a smoke quite often didn't help either!).

LeeAnn: The groom is about 25 or so. And my skirt matched my blouse ... I got them at Walmart for about $30 for the set. Ha!!