Saturday 10 June 2006


Woofstock is the largest outdoor festival for dogs - and the people who live with them. Quirky and fun, Woofstock is a free admission, festive entertainment and consumer show which takes place in The Historic St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood District.

I've been wanting to check out Woofstock for the last couple years but something has always come up. So today was the day! They shut down Front Street between Jarvis and Church downtown and there are tons of tents set up on the street so you can buy anything you could ever need for your dog from treats to clothes to day care to leashes to jewellery and lots more.

Whatever you want is here
There was even doggysitting if you want todrop off your dog while you shop

I didn't buy anything for KC because she's very fussy about what she eats and she'd be embarrassed to wear anything frilly. Though many owners took their dogs, I didn't take KC because she would have been way too cranky with so many dogs sniffing her butt. Here are some of the dogs I saw ...
In a pink tutu and a bow to match
Cool shades and barrettes

Dressed to the nines with pink hair
and an even more colourful owner
A colourful sundress

In a stroller

Gotta have the pink polka dots and matching bow


Isabel said...

How cute. I've never heard of anything like that here. Yeah, taking my parent's dog would've been a big hassle. He's all hyper.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this community event. Too cool. Although I have to say (we have two dogs) - I have never put cloths on mine.
Happy Saturday Hunt.:)

Caroline said...

Thats sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder if they have anything like that here.

~ames~ said...

I am so jealous! LOL

I like the Chinese Crested with pink hair.