Sunday 11 June 2006

Book ~ "Fired Up! : How the Best of the Best Survived and Thrived After Getting the Boot" - Harvey MacKay (2005)

From ~ Everyone loves a comeback and sometimes failure is the best education. That is the theme of this collection of interviews with 28 successful and famous people from all walks of life who, at one time or another, have been fired. Career and business writer, Mackay, shows a remarkable ability to get highly visible people to open up and reveal their dark past. He begins with a conversation with Donald "You're Fired!" Trump, who never actually lost a job per se but came back from being billions in debt for perhaps the greatest personal rebound in financial history. Bernie Marcus was fired from a job as manager of the Handy Dan Home Improvement Center, a chain of 66 stores, but he ultimately extracted sweet revenge by founding Home Depot. Mackay gets an interview with Muhammad Ali, who lost his title when he chose to become a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. It is surprising to learn the difficult beginnings of such notables as Robert Redford, Larry King, Billie Jean King, and Michael Bloomberg.

Most of the stories are interesting.

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