Sunday 5 February 2006

Super Bowl

Gord decided to host the Super Bowl party at our place this year. So he invited his son, Ken, and his childhood friends, Alfred, Craig and Kevin.

He started labouring over a big pot of chili on Friday night. I'd never had chili before and it seemed weird to have a big bowl of thick sauce. So I make some fresh bread (using my bread machine) and a pot of rice.

An hour into the game, we ate. And I've gotta say that I really enjoyed the chili ~ it was very tasty. And having the rice and bread was a nice touch!

Craig had arrived with a big duffel bag. After we ate, he hauled out his comfy pants (which he changed into) and a big brown blanket. He sprawled out on the floor and watched the rest of the game. Ken eventually did the same.

I'd never been to a Super Bowl party. And this was a wild and crazy one ... NOT!! Ha! But they had fun hangin' out and it was great to see them.


Isabel said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. I just watched a movie.

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm not into football so I read ... and came out when the food was ready :)