Saturday 25 February 2006

CPR Certification

I got my CPR certification (level C) this afternoon. It was a Girls Night Out Club event in conjunction with Single Horizons (I'm a member of both clubs).

LeeAnn, the owner of Single Horizons, was there and it was great to catch up with her as I haven't seen her in a while. I discovered that she is a loyal reader of this blog (hi, LeeAnn!!).

Learning CPR was as easy as ...

A ~ airway
B ~ breathing
C ~ circulation

We learned what to do if someone isn't breathing or has no pulse (or both).

We also learned what to do if someone is choking. That's Gil, the instructor, showing us what to do on LeeAnn (she was soooo pleased ... NOT!). And here's LeeAnn and I with our new pals for the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Okay Teena that was VERY FAST!!!
I am soooo impressed!And I am famous!!

Teena in Toronto said...

And you're surprised??? :)

Take care and get rid of that cold.

Isabel said...

Good for you. The hardest part for me was learning to give a baby cpr. Even though it was a dummy, i couldn't imagine having to do it in realy life. I should probably get mine renewed.

Twisted Lady said...

I took a first aid/safety course to be a Red Cross Volunteer one summer. I never forgot all that valuable info! I heard they have changed CPR, I may need a refresher course!