Saturday 18 February 2006

"Léo", Tarragon Theatre, Toronto

Set in Santiago, Chile, three young friends form a bittersweet love triangle during the political upheaval surrounding President Salvador Allende’s assassination. Told through Léo's memories, the play travels through childhood, first friends and first loves. Passion and poetry weave together in this story of innocence disappeared.

This play was at a small theatre at the Tarragon Theatre, which seats about 80 people. We sat in the front row and it felt like I was eavesdropping on a conversation rather than watching the play. The first 10 minutes or so sets up the events to come and it gets rather intense after that. I enjoyed it and would recommend it!

Before the play, we had supper at Mayday Malone's at Bathurst/Dupont, just south of the theatre. Both Gord and I had pizza. Mine was pepperoni with roasted red peppers. Very yummy! Gord had pepperoni, mushrooms and bacon and pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce and said it was good.

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