Friday 26 April 2024

Mr. Souvlaki, Etobicoke, ON

I had lunch today at Mr. Souvlaki on North Queen Street in Etobicoke. 

It has recently become a corporate-run restaurant and there have been some changes … the order board has been updated, you order from the opposite end and when you order a dinner (as I do), you get a choice of 2 sides (rice, potatoes, salad, French fries, etc.) along with your protein rather than the previous rice, potatoes and salad. 

I always passed on the salad and got extra potatoes and rice so no difference for me today … I ordered what I always ordered with 2 skewers of chicken souvlaki so I’ll have leftovers for supper tonight. Yum! 

To-go bags are nicer than the old generic white plastic bags and there is now a “souv squad” points card. 

The new staff were very friendly.

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