Thursday 25 April 2024

“Murder with No Mystery: A Murder Mystery”, Theatre Centre, Toronto

Gord and I saw Murder with No Mystery: A Murder Mystery this evening at the Theatre Centre, which is in our ‘hood. 

Two party guests. One murdered host. Zero mystery.

A party at a remote cottage, only accessible by boat. A storm. A power outage. A murder! The twist? Only two guests showed up. With the host dead, it should be pretty obvious pretty quickly who the killer is.

Still, for some reason, a full-fledged investigation ensues. Both guests had the means and opportunity to commit murder – but did either of them have a motive?

The Suspects:

Frankie: A dog park enthusiast oddly obsessed with murder mysteries finally has the chance to be part of a real one. Will this dogged investigator solve the case or wind up in the pound?

Sandy: A dental hygienist who is more solitary than socialite has her first brush with murder. Will she go back to searching for cavities or is her next stop a cavity search – in jail?

As the storm rages on with no way out until morning, the race to solve the mystery (although, once again, there kind of is no mystery …) begins!

It was cute and funny with lots of twists! So nice to support local theatre.

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