Monday 18 March 2024

College Falafel, Toronto, ON

I moved to Toronto from Nova Scotia 37 years ago. My Move-aversary was a couple weeks ago and I celebrated today (better late than never!) by getting an east coast donair from College Falafel (at Ossington Avenue and College Street), my go-to place for donairs. The owners, Oljana and Bard, are so nice and friendly and they make good donairs!

There are a wide variety of condiments but traditionally a donair has meat, tomatoes, onions and donair sauce.  The donair is served in a pita pocket.  The meat was good and tender and the sauce was tasty.  I got mine with tomatoes (I'm not a fan of onions) and Gord's had onions (he's not a fan of tomatoes).

As always, it was messy and delicious!  Thanks, Oljana and Bard!

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MaggieMay said...

College Falafel needs to franchise and open a store in Winnipeg. Either that or I need to be able to buy some of their sauces online.😁.