Saturday 16 March 2024

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, Theatre Centre, Toronto, ON

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival is back for their 19th year and there are over 60 sketch comedy troupes from around North America. Their opening night gala show was last Wednesday evening (March 6) at the Theatre Centre, which was in my ‘hood, and I was there.

It featured highlights of what was to come over the next week and a half … Cheap Wine, Big Chick Energy, Shohana Sharmin and West 2 West performed snippets of their upcoming acts. Funny stuff! 

There was a photo opp (so I did!).

And you could buy merch.

Thursday evening (March 7) I saw G.L.O.S.S. (GORGEOUS LOVELIES OF SOLO SKETCH) of Toronto. Some of the sketches were seconds long and others minutes long and all were funny with lots of variety of humour and style.

Friday evening (March 8) I saw Big Chick Energy of Toronto and The Foundation of New York. Both were very funny … the Chicks did indeed have big energy and I liked that The Foundation adapted their sketches for a Canadian audience.

Saturday evening (March 9) I saw Young Douglas of New York and they were very funny. Also on the bill were Carson & Taylor … I’m so glad they are from Toronto as they were hilarious (it was the first time I saw a troupe receive a standing ovation in the four nights of shows I attended).

Last evening Gord and I saw “B.O.A.T.S. (Based on a True Story)” of New York and they were very funny. Also on the bill was “The NDN Act” … there were lots of laughs from the audience but I found most of their stuff went over my head and I didn’t get it.

We stopped in for a photo opp before we left.

This evening Gord and I saw West 2 West … I’m glad they are local as they were crazy funny and I’d like to see them again. Also on the bill was Lemon Pepper and Sazón Comedy from Virginia and they were very funny.

One last stop for the photo opps!

It was a fun festival and I'm looking for to going again next year.

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Teresa said...

Sounds like a fun night out.