Monday 5 June 2023

Book ~ "Gus" (2015) Ellen Miles

From Goodreads ~ Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters these young dogs, giving them love and proper care, until they can find the perfect forever home.

Gus is all boy. It's love at first sight for Lizzie's family and this adorable Labradoodle. It'll be easy to find a home for this cutie, especially after mom writes a newpaper article about his exploits. The problem is, nobody is good enough for Gus, at least not according to mom.

Lizzie is in elementary school. Her family, the Petersons, have a puppy named Buddy plus they foster dogs and help them find homes.

Lizzie's mom is a reporter for the local newspaper and had written a story about Gus, a Labradoodle who had been the ring bearer for his owner's wedding. Unfortunately it turns out the groom is allergic to dogs and they have to give up Gus. The Petersons agree to foster him and find him a new home. Since Gus' first story had attracted so much attention in the newspaper, Lizzie's mom writes about him needing a new home and the family gets bombarded with letters and phone calls. Surprisingly Lizzie's mom is very picky about who should adopt him.

Though this book is a quick read and directed at elementary-aged children, I found it entertaining. There is a learning experience and a puppy tip at the end. It is written in third person perspective and first person from Gus' point of view. It is the thirty-ninth in the Puppy Place series, which currently has 66 books in the series, and works as a stand alone.

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