Saturday 27 May 2023

Doors Open - Quest XO Chocolate Lab, Toronto, ON

It's Doors Open weekend here in Toronto and we usually go check some of the places out.

Explore some of Toronto’s most architectural, cultural and socially significant sites for free during Doors Open weekend. This year’s theme is City of Sound. Examine how music and sound have helped shape the city with a program of exciting performances, engaging tours and insightful talks.

This year I thought I'd do something different and I signed up as volunteer.

When I checked out the schedule of places I could volunteer, I saw that Quest XO Chocolate was on the list. Gord and I had done a fun Chocolate Painting Meditation workshop there in February and it's nearby so I signed up to volunteer there.

Chef Quest had a training session for the volunteers on Thursday evening and Miki and I stayed on to help her get ready for today.

Me and Miki
Quest, Miki and I
Quest, Miki and I

Doors Open was from 10am to 5pm today (and tomorrow) and we all arrived around 9:30am.

Twenty-five Liberty, located on the southwest corner of Liberty Street and Atlantic Avenue, is an industrial three-storey brick and wood beam structure with classical decorative motifs and symmetries commonly found in industrial vernaculars of the period. The site is located in the heart of the Liberty Village Neighbourhood. Historically, the area was part of the military reserve surrounding Fort York, but by the 1830's, part of the area was opened for residential development, places of worship, schools, and other public buildings. In 1901, notable architect, George Martel Miller, constructed the site for the Ontario Wind Engine & Pump Company, which already had other foundry buildings nearby for manufacturing wood and iron products.

There were interactive stations. One was a painting with chocolate on chocolate experience.

Quest got it ready to go
After a couple people painted
The end result wasn't pretty but everyone seemed to have fun

Another station was a photo opp.

Gord and I ... he stopped in for a few
minutes  after doing an organized
5km walk in Oakville

There was an emoji station where people were invited to draw an emoji of how their day was going.

At the end of the day

While people were coming in and exploring, Chef Quest and her team were working, making chocolate and packaging it.

These will be donated to Canadian Blood Services
to give to people after they have donated blood

When we were finished for the day, Quest had made ice cream treats for us. Yum!

Raspberry and cherry

It was a long busy day but a fun experience!

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