Sunday 28 May 2023

Book ~ "Relish Your Retirement: 501 Fun, Insightful And Simple Ideas To A Blissful Retired Life For Women" (2022) Florance Philip

From Goodreads ~ 501 fun, insightful, simple and enjoyable ideas and things to do in your retirement without spending too much!

Are you now free from the time restrictions of your past workplace? Are you done being tied to the everyday routine of your 9-5 job?

Congratulations! You are now in the happiest chapter of your life!

No boss. No deadline. No pressure. No rat race!

You have more time to do what you want, anytime you want. But maybe you have no idea what to do with your life to keep yourself happy and productive in your retirement.

You might still be missing working despite it being stressful and overwhelming at times ... because your mind and body have gotten used to being active after so many years.

Maybe you have identified yourself with the work you do. You’ve felt secure about yourself because of your job. So, seeing your career end seems to stop you from having a strong sense of self.

Identity loss in retirement is common. You’re not alone – millions of people experience it.

Your transition to retirement might be difficult because of the emotional roller coaster that can follow but you can get through it with time.

The experiences you had while working has shaped you into the wise person you are now - more understanding of the world and, more importantly, yourself.

Your joyful life doesn’t stop when you retire; it is going to get even better!

In this book, you’ll discover how to get the best out of life in your retirement years

✔ Why retirement will be the best chapter of your life 
✔ The 5 stages of retirement you should be aware of - which phase are you in now? 
✔ Unique, simple, unusual and fun things to do without blowing through your savings 
✔ How to improve and maintain emotional and physical well-being in your golden years 
✔ Nurturing your relationships and deepening bonds 
✔ Fun ways to keep your creative juices flowing 
✔ Simple and enjoyable activities for ladies with limited mobility 
✔ Cheerful and indulgent ideas for foodies 
✔ Delightful ways to get outdoors and enjoy nature
✔ A beautiful chapter on giving back to your community
✔ A free bonus that you’re sure to enjoy. 
✔ Insightful activities and journaling at the end of each chapter that you do not want to miss

And much, much more - about relishing your retirement.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you will indeed find something you enjoy with these 501 ideas that cover various activities from indoor to outdoor, from arts to food, from relaxing to merrymaking, and from traveling to snuggling at home. You will find something you’ll love and make you smile!

It’s time to get excited about your retirement ... because it’s about to be amazing!

The chapters in this book include:
  1. Clearing the Identity Crisis Hurdle 
  2. Activities To Develop Yourself During Your Golden Years 
  3. Nurturing Your Relationships and Deepening Bonds 
  4. Keeping Your Creative Juices Flowing 
  5. Challenging Yourself Mentally and Physically 
  6. Building Your Bucket List of Unique, Unusual and Fun Ideas & Challenges 
  7. Learning New Skills Without Pressure 
  8. Getting Outdoors and Enjoying Nature 
  9. Fun Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility 
  10. Fun and Indulgent Ideas for Foodies 
  11. Getting Involved and Giving Back to the Community

I retired about eight months ago. Though I enjoyed my job, I was looking forward to retirement so my time would be my own. My two main criteria in retirement were to just do the things I wanted to do (and not have to do what I didn't want to do) and not have to get up with an alarm. And so far, for the most part, I've succeeded.

When I retired, I wanted to do everything but knew I had to pace myself. Volunteering was important to me and I've been doing that (as I have in the past).  And I've started doing aquafit.

There are some great ideas in this book, some I'm already doing and some I want to do (like learn how to tie dye and take a first aid/CPR course). The suggestions range from simple and cheap to more complex and expensive. I worked in the retirement industry for many years (so like reading books about retirement) and the majority of the people I spoke with would have trouble affording a lot of the things the author is suggesting because they will have trouble even being able to afford to pay their basic bills.

It was a fun book to read and will help those who are struggling to figure out what their retirement will be figure it out. I haven't had an issue yet spending my time.

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