Friday 29 July 2022

Book ~ "This Time Next Year" (2020) Sophie Cousens

From GoodreadsDown-to-earth baker Minnie Cooper knows two things with great certainty: that her New Year’s birthday has always been unlucky and that it’s all because of Quinn Hamilton, a man she’s never met. 

Minnie and Quinn were born at the same hospital just after midnight on New Year’s Day thirty years before, and not only did he edge her out by mere minutes to win the cash prize for being the first baby born in London in 1990 but he stole the name she was meant to have as well. With luck like that, it’s no wonder each of her birthdays has been more of a disaster than the one before.

When Minnie unexpectedly runs into Quinn at a New Year’s party on their mutual thirtieth birthday, she sees only more evidence that fortune has continued to favor him. The handsome, charming business owner truly seems to have it all - including the perfect girlfriend. But if Quinn and Minnie are from different worlds, why do they keep bumping into each other? And why is it that each frustrating interaction somehow seems to leave them both hoping for more?

It's New Year's Eve 1989 and Connie and Tara are both in labour at the hospital.  Tara is having a hard time so Connie talks her through it, including telling Tara that she plans on naming her child Quinn, regardless whether it's a girl or boy.  Tara delivers first and not only does she name her son Quinn but she also wins a cash prize of having the first baby born in London in 1990.  Not only is Connie pissed that Tara stole her name (she named her daughter Minnie) but she's also mad that Tara won the money and doesn't need it ... and over the years, she lets everyone know how much it bothers her.

Years later Minnie and Quinn meet at a posh New Year's Eve party and they will both turn 30 the next day.  Growing up, Minnie always hated New Year's Eve and felt her birthday day was jinxed so avoided it.  She is running a pie making business with her best friend, which isn't going so well.  Quinn, on the other hand, seems to have it all ... looks, a great job and wealth and Minnie's original name.  Circumstances throw them together and they end up becoming friends and Minnie discovers Quinn's life isn't as idyllic as she thought.

This was a cute story and I liked it.  It is written in third person perspective, mainly in Minnie and Quinn's voices.  There were some quirky side characters.  The chapters jump around from the past to the present (they are labeled) usually around New Year's Eve.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

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