Sunday 27 March 2022

Book ~ "Her Last Goodbye" (2022) Rick Mofina

From Goodreads ~ Perfect wife. Doting mom. Jennifer Griffin was loved by everyone, including the women in her suburban-neighborhood book club. Their meetings sometimes went late, but Jenn always came home.

Until that night.

When Greg Griffin wakes to find his wife is not in bed, his blood runs cold. Her book club friends say Jenn left for home hours ago. But she’s missing. Greg tells detectives their marriage is good but his alibi is razor-thin. With their young son away at a sleepover, Greg had all night to commit a crime. And there are scrapes on his hands.

Investigators discover Jenn has troubling secrets but she isn't the only one. With the threads of their picture-perfect life unraveling, Greg is forced to confront the lies that hold their marriage together - and a dark past that refuses to stay buried.

Jennifer and Greg were high school sweethearts and have an eight-year-old son, Jake.  Jennifer works for an optical company and is quite involved in her community and Greg owns a struggling construction company.  When Jennifer doesn't come home from her book club, Greg drives around looking for her.  When he can't find her, he calls the police, who suspect that Greg had something to do with her disappearance because he really doesn't have an alibi.  Was Jennifer murdered?  She had been quiet and sad lately ... did she run away?  As the police investigate, they discover that both Jennifer and Greg have secrets they are trying to keep.

I've read a few books by this author and liked this one.  I liked the writing style and it is written in third person perspective with the focus on wherever the action is.  There was a lot going on with everyone having secrets that are hinted at and eventually revealed ... there were many who could have had to do with Jennifer's disappearance.  The "whodunnit" was a bit convoluted but it came together in the end.

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