Tuesday 22 February 2022

Book ~ "You Will Remember Me" (2021) Hannah Mary McKinnon

From Goodreads ~ He wakes up on a deserted beach in Maryland with a gash on his head and wearing only swim trunks. He can't remember who he is. Everything - his identity, his life, his loved ones - has been replaced by a dizzying fog of uncertainty. But returning to his Maine hometown in search of the truth uncovers more questions than answers.

Lily Reid thinks she knows her boyfriend, Jack. Until he goes missing one night, and her frantic search reveals that he's been lying to her since they met, desperate to escape a dark past he'd purposely left behind.

Maya Scott has been trying to find her estranged stepbrother, Asher, since he disappeared without a trace. Having him back, missing memory and all, feels like a miracle. But with a mutual history full of devastating secrets, how far will Maya go to ensure she alone takes them to the grave?

A man wakes up on a beach in Maryland wearing just a pair of shorts and no ID.  He has a head injury and can't remember who he is or where he is.  He's wearing a watch that indicates his name is Brad.  For some reason, he thinks he's from Maine so manages to sneak a ride there, hoping he can figure out who he is.  Once there, he discovers his name is actually Asher and his stepsister, Maya, is overjoyed to have him home and take care of him.

Lily and Jack have been dating for a couple years and she's frantic when he disappears.  The police suspect she may be involved so she does some sleuthing on her own and discovers that Jack is actually Asher and travels to Maine to find out why he had been living under a different name.  There she discovers he has lost his memory and is torn between wanting to help him and being angry and because he'd lied to her.

This is the first book I've read by this author and I enjoyed it ... I look forward to reading other books by this author.  I liked the writing style and it kept me interested right to the end as there were lots of twists and turns.  It is written in first person perspective from Lily, Ash and Maya's points of view (the chapters are labeled so you'll know whose voice it is).  As a head's up, there is swearing.

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