Friday 24 December 2021

Local Public Eatery, Toronto, ON

Gord has lunch every Friday at the Local Public Eatery (in Liberty Village) ... he likes it there and he's gotten to know the staff.

Today I joined him!  With our COVID numbers rising here in Ontario, I was hesitant to be out at a restaurant but was okay when I saw the protocols the Local took when we arrived.  We had to show our vaccination certificates and ID when we arrived.

We both ordered the Local burger.  I got mine without cheese, onions or lettuce and Gord got his without tomatoes.  Yum!

Natalie was our server.  She was friendly and chatty and took excellent care of us.  In fact, she and Sameer, the manager, (who was also very friendly) gave us a bottle of bubbly (we're saving it for New Year's Eve) before we left.  How nice is that?!

Then Sameer asked us if we wanted a shot of tequila.  How could we say "no"?!

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