Friday 17 December 2021

Book ~ "Enjoying Rum: A Tasting Guide and Journal" (2021) Frank Flannery

From Goodreads ~ From classic to new-generation rums hailing from countries around the world, this book gives you the information you need to enjoy rum with knowledge. Whether you are a straight-up sipper or a frozen-with-an-umbrella-drink type, "Enjoying Rum" offers a hands-on guide and reference to the world of rum and its many varieties and tastes.

With the growth of rum distilleries worldwide, this spirit is surpassing its reputation as just a spirit to mix in an island cocktail. The days of Captain Morgan’s being the only option are long gone and savvy spirit aficionados are developing a newfound respect and love for this once-swashbuckling spirit. There are now subtle and distinct flavor variations and nuances in rum options that hail from diverse regions around the globe. The premium rum market is growing fast as a segment of the spirits market both in the U.S. and abroad.

"Enjoying Rum" offers insight into the growing world of this versatile liquor - with its complex flavors tastes and classic cocktails that are synonymous with relaxation. With this book in hand, you may be inclined to make rum your spirit of choice as you:
  • Discover rum's dry, sweet, rich, and mellow variations
  • Choose from a collection of classic cocktail recipes
  • Follow tasting notes on a full range of rums

Enjoying Rum is the perfect gift for your rum-loving friends (or just for yourself!) - no matter what flavor path they choose.

I like rum, especially spiced and dark rums, so thought this would be an interesting book to check out.

The author provides high level information about the history of rum, how rum is made, how to read labels, tasting rum, a spotlight on some famous rums (Bacardi, Captain Morgan [one of my favs], Mount Gay, Appleton and El Dorado) and a handful of rum cocktails.  At the end, there are almost 60 pages so you can journal as you taste different rums.  

I read it as an ebook ... it works better as a book book because you are invited to write in the book and use it as your tasting journal.  It would be handy if a link was provided so you could download a printable pdf and can keep track of the same info for your future reference.

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