Wednesday 16 June 2021

Book ~ "Pug Actually" (2021) Matt Dunn

From Goodreads ~ Doug wants his rescuer, Julie, to be happy. He is loyal and loves her unconditionally - two things that can’t be said about Julie’s married boss and lover, Luke. Yet Julie is reluctant to break up, afraid to end up like her eccentric cat-owning neighbor. It’s a prospect that horrifies Doug too.

Newly divorced Tom, on the other hand, is perfect for Julie. Everyone can see it - except for Julie and Tom. Doug is confident that with his help they will get over their initial animosity toward each other.

As Doug humorously navigates the quirks of human relationships, he knows he can’t give up on Julie - after all, being a “rescue” works both ways. 

Julie has a rescue pug named Doug.  She has been dating Luke, who is her boss and married.  Luke treats her like crap and Doug doesn't like him.  So when Luke comes to visit, Doug does all he can to make Luke feels unwelcome.

Dot, the owner of a local coffee shop, has her eye on Jim, Julie's widowed father.  He likes her too but he feels guilty because he thinks he would be dishonouring his late wife by dating Dot.  Dot has a son named Tom who is a vet and recently divorced.  Dot and Jim think he would be perfect for Julie and Doug agrees and is determined to do all he can to get Luke out of the picture so Julie and Tom can be together.

I've read many books by this author and thought this one was okay.  It was written in first person (dog?) perspective in Doug's voice, which was cute.  As a head's up, there is some swearing.

I didn't find Julie likeable at all and at times she was downright rude.  Tom seemed like a nice fella but bland so I don't know what he saw in Julie since she treated him so badly.  Luke is a jerk and treated her badly but she was so desperate to have a man in her life that she put up with it.

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