Thursday 17 June 2021

The Fourth Man in the Fire, Toronto, ON

I got my second AZ Covid vaccination this afternoon.  Whoohoo!  

As I was walking home from the pharmacy, I passed by The Fourth Man in the Fire (Dundas Street W/Euclid Avenue).  I realized I was hungry and pizza and wine sounded like a good way to celebrate.  Plus the patio looked cute.

Sim was my server and she was very friendly and helpful.  You are given an iPad and that's how you order ... you choose what you want and then pay with credit or debit at that time.  There are two sizes of pizza you can order and then choose your ingredients and they also have a couple others to choose from.  There is also a calzone and a sandwich.

I was craving pizza so ordered at 14 inch pizza (the smallest) with pepperoni and bacon.  It was a really delicious pizza.  The crust is light and fluffy.  The tomato sauce is obviously made in-house.  I also ordered a couple glasses of rosé wine, which was tasty.

As hungry as I was, I knew I'd be taking home leftovers.  Yum!

Sim was fun to chat with and I told her that I'd just gotten my second Covid shot.  To congratulate me, she gave me a donut to take home.  The donut is HUGE and looks amazing and I'm sure it will taste amazing too!

When I left, Sim opened the front door to say good-bye and we chatted some more.

I'll be back!

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Teresa said...

Congrats on getting second dose. Yum pizza looks good. Perfect patio dinning weather. Keep well.