Thursday 17 December 2020

Union Chicken Chicken Pot Pie, PC Chef

In the last couple of months, Gord and I have taken advantage of of PC Chef's promotions of ordering one of their meal kits and getting one free a few times ... and they've been good! 

I noticed this week that Union Chicken has been added to their restaurant line-up.  I've been to their Union Station restaurant a few times and have liked their meals so I ordered a couple of theirs, which arrived today.

We had Union Chicken Pot Pie for supper this evening (it's regularly $22).

The kit came with everything except flour and an egg.

Ta-da!  The chicken pot pie was really good and I'd get this again.  There was lots of chicken, peas and carrots.  The only thing I'd change I'd make would be when getting the dough ready.  The dough comes flat and folded.  The instructions said to roll out the dough more and use the pie plate as a guide and cut around it twice for the top and bottom.  When I did this for the bottom layer, I didn't have enough to make the second one as it was.  So I made the leftover dough into a ball and rolled it out and had plenty.  Next time I'd cut the flat dough in half right away so I'd know I'd have an even amount for both the bottom and top.

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Teresa said...

That does look good.