Friday 18 December 2020

Union Chicken Carolina BBQ Wings, PC Chef

In the last couple of months, Gord and I have taken advantage of of PC Chef's promotions of ordering one of their meal kits and getting one free a few times ... and they've been good!

I noticed this week that Union Chicken has been added to their restaurant line-up.  I've been to their Union Station restaurant a few times and have liked their meals so I ordered a couple of theirs, which arrived yesterday.

We had Union Chicken Caroline BBQ Wings for supper this evening (it's regularly $25).

The kit came with everything.

Ta-da!  I'm not a fan of coleslaw so didn't put it together ... Gord will have it another time.  Instead I put some cheese garlic bread on.  The wings were good.  They were spicy without the sauce but I tossed mine in the BBQ sauce and they were good (Gord's not a fan of saucy messy wings).  Then I dipped them in the ranch sauce.  The wings were good and this was an easy kit to pull together.

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Teresa said...

Looks like another tasty meal.