Monday 18 May 2020

Book ~ "None So Deadly" (2019) David A. Poulsen

From Goodreads ~ It’s a case that has haunted Cullen and Cobb for years - the murder of eleven-year-old Faith Unruh. And now the brutal killing of a police investigator who was similarly obsessed with the little girl’s murder has put PI Mike Cobb and former crime-writing journalist Adam Cullen back on the killer’s trail - and directly in the line of fire. 

As the case is unfolding, Cullen is desperately trying to get out from under the thumb of a local biker gang without ruining his relationship, getting arrested ... or worse.

Adam Cullen is a freelance writer/former newspaper journalist and Mike Cobb is an ex-cop, now a private detective.  They work together on occasion.  Danny, a teenager, needs advice and comes to Adam and Mike ... his girlfriend's rich father wants him to kill his wife (Danny's girlfriend's mother) and make it look like a robbery.  Danny doesn't want to do it but the father is trying to blackmail him into doing it.

In the meantime, Adam had gotten financing from a not-so-nice motorcycle gang to keep his girlfriend's shelter open ... and now they expect him favours from him by running errands for them.  The consequences could be deadly if he refuses.

And finally, Adam and Mike have been obsessed with the unsolved murder of 11-year-old Faith in 1991.  This storyline started in a previous book in the series.  A former police officer who was even more obsessed about the case was recently murdered and Adam and Mike assume there is a link and are determined to solve these murders.

I liked the writing style and liked this story ... there was a lot going on.  It is written in first person perspective in Adam's voice.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

I like that this story is set in Calgary and the author doesn't try to hide the fact that the story is happening in Canada.  There are numerous references to Calgary in addition to Canadian musicians as Adam is a big music fan who has quite an extensive collection of Canadian music.

I liked the characters and their interactions ... Adam and Mike, Adam and Jill (Adam's girlfriend of almost a year), Adam and Kyla (Jill's young daughter).

This is the fourth and latest in the Cobb and Cullen series and I've read them all.  Hopefully there will be future books in the series.  It works as a stand alone as there is enough background provided so you don't have to read the other three to know what's been going on.

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