Wednesday 13 May 2020

Line dancing

At my local YMCA, there are line dancing classes twice a week.  They are during the day and I try to get them when I'm working from home.  Since COVID-19 has arrived, the YMCA has been closed since mid-March.

I read in the Toronto Star yesterday that Donna, one of my line dancing instructors, is conducting line dancing classes every afternoon on her street.  I touched base with her and attended her class this afternoon.

The weather was lovely ... warm and sunny ... a very nice day to be outside.  Donna teaches on the road and we were on the sidewalk across from her, conscious of social distancing from each other.

Today Donna taught for just over an hour and the songs were a mixture of country, pop and rock ... something for everyone.  Some of the dances I knew from her class and most were new to me.

She lives on a fairly quiet one way street.  As cars drove by, some honked and cheered.  Some people walking by stopped and watched us for a while.

I'm happy she's doing these classes and I'm going to try to get to as many as I can.  I've missed them at the YMCA and it's a great excuse to get outside.