Wednesday 23 May 2018

Book ~ "I Want My Epidural Back: Adventures in Mediocre Parenting" (2016) Karen Alpert

From Goodreads ~ If you are the kind of mom who shapes your kiddo’s organic quinoa into reproductions of the Mona Lisa, do not read this book. If you stayed up past midnight to create posters for your PTO presidential campaign, do not read this book. If you look down your nose at parents who have Domino’s pizza on speed dial, do not read this book.

But if you are the kind of parent who accidentally goes ballistic on your rugrats every morning because they won’t put their shoes on and then you feel super guilty about it all day so you take them to McDonald’s for a special treat but really it’s because you opened up your freezer and panicked because you forgot to buy more frozen pizzas, then absolutely read this book.

"I Want My Epidural Back" is a celebration of mediocre parents and how awesome they are and how their kids love them just as much as children with perfect parents. Karen Alpert’s honest but hilarious observations, stories, quips and pictures will have you nodding your head and peeing in your pants. Or on the toilet if you’re smart and read it there. 

I'm a childfree (by choice) and I haven't spent a lot of time around children (I've never ever changed a diaper ... and I'm okay with that).  So I'm not sure why I picked up this book as it's about parenting ... but I'm glad I did as I found it hilarious.

The author is 40ish, married and has two young children.  The book covers a lot of topics and the chapters are:
  1. Be the best damn mediocre parent you can be
  2. Tell those overachieving moms to suck it
  3. You want to watch my child?  Bwhahahahahahaha!!  Oh wait, you're serious
  4. And for dinner I gave my kids an eating disorder
  5. Here an orifice, there an orifice, everywhere an orifice orifice
  6. I tried the crying it out method ... I'm still crying
  7. How the F to entertain your rugrats when you have nothing to do
  8. My hubby is awesome (but not as awesome as me)
  9. Teach your douchenugget to be less douchey and more nuggety
  10. Awwww sh!t, whatta you mean they grow up?

I enjoyed the writing style and found it very conversational.  The author shares her personal experiences of being a wife and raising her children and includes pictures.  I think she would be a hoot to hang out with and have a glass of wine (or two or three) with.  As a head's up, there is swearing and adult subject matter.

If you are looking for a serious book about being a mother and wife, this isn't it.  If you are looking for a book you can relate to as a "real" mom and wife, you should check it out ... she exaggerates so please don't take it too seriously.

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