Saturday 26 May 2018

2018 Ontario Terry Fox Organizers Workshop, Toronto, ON

Last year I walked 5km in the Terry Fox Run in Liberty Village (near my 'hood) for the first time.  I plan on doing it again this year and I've signed up as an organizer/volunteer.

Today there was a day long workshop for organizers/volunteers in Ontario.  My friend and neighbour, Dawn, has been volunteering for the run for three years (since the run started in Liberty Village) and she and I went together. 

It was held at the Four Seasons head office ... Isadore Sharp, founder and chairman of the Four Seasons, and helped started the Terry Fox Run.

You could buy teeshirts, shirts, flags, books, etc.  I bought the 2018 teeshirt.

There were tributes along the wall to the room where the workshop was being held.

 There was a goodie bag on everyone's chair.

Martha McClew, Provincial Director at the Terry Fox Foundation, was our host for the day.

Nigel Gordijk of the Wilmot Terry Fox Run had designed this year's teeshirt and Martha had bedazzled it.

During the day, they drew raffle tickets for prizes and Dawn won a basket.

Rachel Lehman, Ontario Development Officer at the Terry Fox Foundation, explained how to effectively use social media.

Dr. Jonathan Irish gave us news from the research front and received a standing ovation afterwards.

Certificates of Appreciation were given out to the different runs.  Liberty Village received one for reaching the milestone of getting $50,000 in donations by 2017.  Awards were given out by Terry Fox's niece, Jessica, to recognize long time volunteers.

Jagger, Dawn and Jason

Here are the Liberty Village organizers/volunteers.

Dawn, Jason, Jagger and me

Nigel and Cheryl Gordijk, Wilmot Terry Fox Run organizers, shared what they have done to raise money in their community.

Joan King, Niagara-on-the-Lake Terry Fox Run organizer, shared what they have done to raise money in her community.

Steve Smyth, Senior Corporate Development Officer, discussed how to get teams involved in the run.

Then it was lunch time.

Adam Green shared his story as a cancer survivor.

Clark Vallis, Manager of Philanthropic Relations at the Terry Fox Foundation, discussed donating through legacy gifts.

Don Chapman, Midland Terry Fox Run organizer, shared what they have done to raise money in his community.

Karen Post, Smithville Terry Fox Run organizer, shared her idea of a pop-up store selling butter tarts ... and brought some to share (yum!).

The final speaker of the day was Alison Ince, caregiver, manager and media spokeswoman, helping the Fox family through Terry's final days.  She received a standing ovation.

The final prizes were given out and Jagger won a print of Terry Fox.

It was a fun, interesting and inspirational day!

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Unknown said...

I bet! So great to give back and be involved in such a worthy cause!