Tuesday 22 May 2018

Book ~ "Bodie on the Road: Driving the Pacific Coast Highway with My Rescue Dog" (2017) Belinda Jones

From Goodreads ~ Bodie was on death row in a Los Angeles shelter, having been abandoned by his owner. Belinda was in a heap on the floor of her vintage apartment, having been dumped by the man of her dreams. Two lost souls ready to find a new life.

Together they embark on a 2,000-mile West Coast road trip taking in spectacular Big Sur, a pack run in the wilds of Oregon, afternoon tea at Doris Day’s dog-loving hotel in Carmel, a fragrant encounter with the creator of Kennel No.5 furfume and a bar stop in a small town near San Francisco where a dog was elected mayor, two years running.

Join Belinda and Bodie on this soul-searching adventure along one of the most iconic highways in America and you too will feel the wind in your hair and a wag in your tail. 

I love reading books about animals so that's why this book caught my eye ... plus how could I resist the face on the cover?!

Belinda Jones is an English author living who was in Los Angeles.  Nathan, the love of her life, had recently broken up with her and she needed a change.  She had been a cat person but decided to adopt a dog and found Bodie at rescue.  She then became friends with a woman and her dog, Winnie, who decided to move to Portland, Oregon.  Belinda uses this as a reason to go on a road trip with Bodie.

Belinda plans their itinerary with fun things for both them ... lots of beaches, trails, dog-friendly hotels and restaurants, doggy daycare, etc. plus learning experiences for her.  Her road trip sounded like a lot of fun and I would have loved to have accompanied them!

I thought this was an interesting and fun book.  As I was reading it, I Googled some of the things she was experiencing to learn more.  I liked the writing style, though I did get a bit tired of her mooning over Nathan as often as she did.

Dog lovers, lovers of travel and dog loving travelers will like this book.

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