Saturday 29 March 2014

Amsterdam Brewhouse, Toronto, ON

Tonight we celebrated Gord's 60th birthday (his birthday is on Monday) ... twenty of us met at the Amsterdam Brewhouse on Queen's Quay.

We had a big big table on the upper floor.

There was a fun collection of friends ... Gord's childhood friends of 50+ years, Kevin, Alfred and Craig and their wives, Rosemary, Christine and Wendy; Gord's baseball pool friends, Rick, Sox and Malcolm and their wives, Maggie, Angela and Mary; Gord's beer sister (and my pal) Darlene; our former neighbours, Monica and Mark; Gord's coworker, Roger; and my long time pal, Liz and her husband, Jamie.

Christine, me and Monica
Kevin, Craig, Wendy, Rosemary and Christine
Alfred, Kevin, Gord and Craig
Me, Gord and Monica
The birthday boy at the head of the table
Liz and Jamie
Malcolm, Sox and Rick
Maggie, Angela and Mary
Roger, Monica and Darlene
Wendy, Rosemary and Christine
Monica and Mark
After we'd sung "Happy Birthday", Gord thanked everyone for coming

We all ordered supper.  I had the Classic Pizza.  It was okay ... it would have been cooked a bit longer (the crust underneath was a bit underdone) and there seemed to be a lot of salt on the bottom of it which was strange.

Gord, along with many others, ordered the Lemon Chicken Schnitzel.  It sounded delicious.

It was a fun night and great to see everyone!

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Masshole Mommy said...

That does sound like a great night. I can only imagine how awesome it was to see everyone!!