Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Caledonian, Toronto, ON

We'd read a couple weeks ago in the Toronto Star about The Caledonian, a Scottish pub in our 'hood (College/Ossington).

Gord was intrigued because they offered a beer he hadn't had before and can't buy in the liquor store.

We checked it out this afternoon.

Gord started with a traditional Ebulum - Elderberry Black Ale.

I had my usual Keith's ... yum!

As an appetizer, Gord ordered a Scotch Egg (a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded and flash-fried, then baked. Served with organic greens).

I had a bite and it was good.

We both ordered Fish & Chips (fresh haddock in their own Caledonian beer batter, served with hand cut chips and homemade tartar sauce).

It was delicious!

We were full but had to check out dessert.

I ordered the Deep-Fried Mars Bar (served with ice cream and butterscotch sauce) only because I've never had one before.

It was interesting ... I doubt I'd order it again.

Gord ordered the Bread and Butter Pudding (homemade bread and butter pudding made with Innis & Gunn beer aged in 21-year-old Highland casks).

He loved it!

The hospitality was excellent. The owner, Donna, greeted us as we came in the door and stopped by our table a few times to see how things were going. She said good-bye when we left. Our server, Beth, arrived in Canada from Scotland a couple months ago and started working there on Tuesday. She was awesome and took such good care of us. Such a nice place ... I'll be back.

As we were walking home, we went past by the Brass Taps ... and spied our pal, Mark. We stopped in and had a couple drinks with him.

Here we are ... Gord, me and Mark.

Thanks for driving us home, Mark!

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Lady Banana said...

Deep fried Mars bar is not something I've ever tried and I'm not sure I'd fancy it anyway..

I do like Scotch Eggs and of course Fish n Chips!!

Sarah said...

It must have been fun checking out a different bar. The Mars bar sounds interesting. Being back in Brass Taps was a blast from the past.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were treated well by your server - Beth. I'm her mum! We were equally impressed by Donna and the Caledonian when we visited over Christmas.

afternoons said...

That's a good picture of you two and Mark. It would be a great picture if I'd been it. Ha! Glad you ran into him and had fun. Caledonia sounds like a fabulous pub. Maybe we all could go there someday on a Saturday.