Thursday, 13 January 2011

Book ~ "The Confession" (2010) John Grisham

From Amazon ~ In 2007, almost on the eve of the execution of Donté Drumm, an African-American college football star, for the 1998 murder of a white cheerleader whose body was never found, Travis Boyette, a creepy multiple sex offender, confesses that he's guilty of the crime to Kansas minister, Keith Schroeder. With Drumm's legal options dwindling fast and with the threat of civil unrest in his Texas hometown if the execution proceeds, Schroeder battles to convince Boyette to go public with the truth - and to persuade the condemned man's attorney that Boyette's story needs to be taken seriously.

A lot of Amazon reviewers crapped on this book, saying it was boring. The handful of Chapters Indigo reviewers loved it.

Well, I enjoyed it. I liked the writing style and I cared about the characters. I was cheering for Donté.

There was a fair amount of legalize explaining how the Texas legal system works but I found it blended in well.

It's been a while since I've read a Grisham suspense novel and this reminded me to catch up on his novels I've missed.

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