Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy birthday, Gord!

It's Gord's birthday! is your one stop for Myspace Graphics

And we have a fun spa afternoon planned!

Who does he share his birthday with?
  • 1971 Ewan McGregor, born in Scottish, actor, Trainspotting
  • 1959 Angus Young, born in Glascow, Scotland, rock guitarist, AC/DC-Highway to Hell
  • 1948 Al Gore, born in Washington D.C., Senator-D-Tennessee, 1985 - 1992, 45th Vice President 1993 - 2000
  • 1948 Rhea Perlman, born in Brooklyn, actress, Zena-Taxi, Carla-Cheers
  • 1946 Al Nichol, born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, rock guitarist and vocalist, Turtles
  • 1946 Gabe Kaplan, born in Brooklyn, New York, comedian/actor, Welcome Back Kotter
  • 1943 Christopher Walken, born in Astoria Queens, actor, Deer Hunter
  • 1935 Herb Alpert, bandleader/trumpeteer, Tijuana Brass, CEO, A&M
  • 1934 Richard Chamberlain, born in Beverly Hills, California, actor, Dr. Kildare
  • 1933 Shirley Jones, born in Smithton, Pennsylvania, actress, Partridge Family
  • 1929 Liz Claiborne, fashion designer
  • 1928 Gordie Howe, born in Floral, Saskatchewan, NHL right wing, Detroit Red Wings


Lorna said...

Have a wonderful day!

LeeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Gord..have a fun day!

Swordsman said...

and the province of Newfoundland which joined Canada in 1949

tracey said...

Happy birthday Gord! Enjoy your spa day. BTW, he shares his b-day with some very cool people!

Lady Banana said...

Happy Birthday Gord!

Ruthie said...

Thanks for coming by. Always nice to meet new friends.

Happy Birthday to Gord.


Lord of the Wings said...

Happy birthday Gord!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Happy Birthday Gord - all the way from Norway!

I know what I would have done if we were living in the same place:

Invited you out to a micro brewery and after going through all the taste testing stuff, I would get up on the table - require a microphone and sing the song for Gord (in Norwegian of course):

Gratulerer m' da'n,
Gratulerer m' da'n,
Gratulerer kjære Gord....
Gratulerer m' da'n!

Isabel said...

Happy Birthday!