Saturday, 27 March 2010

Stanley Park

KC and I took a walk this morning to Stanley Park, which is in our 'hood.

Stanley Park is split by King Street W. We went to the south side first which, depending on the time of year, is an unleashed dog park.

There were a few dogs out playing. Here's looking SE ...

And NE ...

Lots of room for dogs to run around and play! KC doesn't play with other dogs but there were lots of strange smells for her to sniff.

Then we crossed King Street W to the north side of the park.

I think she likes this side better because there are lots more trees and hills.


RennyBA's Terella said...

Looks like a great place for both dogs and peoples recreation!

I can tell spring is in the air at you're place. In Oslo, Norway, we still have snow.

Lorna said...

I liked your pithy review of Hot TTM. I imagined that would be the way it played out, so I'll wait till some night when I absolutely need to laugh at men.