Sunday, 17 February 2008

My toy boy

Morgan is a toy boy ... Byron not so much.

For the last couple weeks, Morgan has been digging under the fridge.

In the past, I had put packing tape across the bottom of the fridge so he couldn't knocked his toys under the fridge. This tape is now ripped and needs to be replaced.

He's been a maniac every time he heard the fridge door open. He would run over and drive his little arm under the fridge.

It had gotten to the point of being very annoying because we've had to push him away to avoid crushing his skull when we close the door.

This afternoon I pulled the fridge out to see what has been obsessing him.

In addition to dust, there were 17 soft toys and 5 plastic toys (with bells inside)! I threw the plastic toys out (they are dangerous if we step on them in the dark).

Some are really nasty ... who knows how long they have been under there? The fridge hasn't been pulled out in two years.

But Morgan's happy and not being a spaz anymore.


Nicole said...

That is so cute! we have TWO cats and both absolutely adore toys. Both always put their toys under the couch, stove, fridge, doors, anything where they have to really struggle to get them back. But then they go too far and it gets stuck. We pulled the couch out last week and I found over 30 toys (yes I spoil my kitties!). I'm sure at least half are back under the couch right now.

ames said...

LMAO!! All 3 of our cats will drive us crazy if they can't reach anything.

She-Ra's good though, she can reach almost anyplace with her tiny self. hehe

O. said...

ah, those li'l sweet brats and their ideas, eh? :)

Isabel said...

He just wanted his toys! lol. Some of those do look ewww though.