Friday, 8 February 2008

At sea ... heading to San Juan

Today was an "at sea" day. We're heading back to San Juan. It's been a busy week so it was nice to have a day to sleep in and not worry about rushing to be anywhere.

Sister Sarah and I went as high and as far forward as we could. It was really really windy out there!

Sister Sarah

Everyone was enjoying their last hours of sunshine and heat.

There was ice carving at 3:00pm.

After ... an angelfish and an eagle

Our last hours in the sun ... we spent the afternoon by the pool.

Sister Sarah
Sister Sarah
Sister Sarah

BTW, here's our room. We had a basic inside stateroom, which I thought was fine for the amount of time we spent there.

We wanted to catch the sunset ... but we were too late.

Sarah and I
(the wind kept blowing up my dress ballooning it out!)

We had supper in the Caribe Cafe (buffet) with Linda and Ramona. The theme was Creole.

Then we watched a comedian and saw the finale of Princess Pop Star.

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