Tuesday 5 February 2008


Me and Sarah
LeeAnn had arranged a tour for us in and around Saint George's, Grenada.

We went to Annadale Waterfalls. It smelled amazing there because there were so many of the locals selling nutmeg.

LeeAnn and a new friend
Sister Sarah and the same friend
This friendly fella was running around

This guy was pigging out on bananas

Sarah and another new friend

Great views on the way to one of the water reservoirs

At the water reservoir
Then we spent some time at Fort Frederick.


When we got back to the boat, there was some time at the pool.
LeeAnn, Margaret and Wendy

Sarah and Diamond

A bunch of us had supper at the Michelangelo Dining Room.
My dessert - I ordered it a couple nights!

Ramona was celebrating her birthday

Diamond, me and Sarah having a limoncello
Ramona with her birthday limoncello (thanx to LeeAnn!)

At 11:15, they showed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, one of my fav movies, on the big screen outside. So I grabbed some pizza and ordered a bucket of beer (5 beer for $20 ... I only had 2 that night) and watched it in a recliner. Great fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Teena,
Lovely blog. Looks like you and the gang had a fab time in Grenada. Glad you got to take a tour and see some of the beautiful spice island, and thanks for linking up to Grenada-Beaches site. Hope you make it back to Grenada again.

Kindest Regards