Friday, 28 September 2007

Sunnyside Beach, Toronto, ON

KC and I started our morning with a walk on the beach. We headed down to Sunnyside Beach (about a ten minute drive south of us).

It was hazy and 15C.

We walked west, just past Humber Bridge, and back.

Looking towards downtown
Lots of good stuff for KC to sniff
Taking a break

Heading east again

Almost to the car

Not a lot of people but tons of geese


ZoeyBella said...

Nothing like an early morning walk (and sniff) to start the day. I wish I bothered to do things like that. I know my walks would just end up at 7-Eleven or something. ;)

LEA said...

Wow- I would love to be close enough to the beach to do this. A morning walk along a beach is so invigorating! Not to mention that for KC, a world of smells! LOL

These are wonderful photos, I especially love the 'almost to the car' one. Great for a postcard!

Glad you were able to do this ~ you're so lucky! :x)
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

The weather much like we've had in Oslo, Norway lately. Glad to see you enjoy the lovely outdoors scenery anyway :D

Wishing you and Gord a great end to your week!

Isabel said...

look at all those geese. Looks like you two had a nice walk. :)

Flabuless said...

wow babe...what a gorgeous place. Wish I could have walked with you!