Sunday, 30 September 2007

Cousin Fred's wedding reception

My cousin, Fred, married Vanda in Prague (where Vanda is originally from) on June 9.

Fred's dad is my mother's half brother, Fred Sr.

Fred and Vanda had a reception in Pickering (where they live) this evening to celebrate.

Kim, Terry and Gord

Kim is Fred Sr.'s half sister (my mother's stepmother's youngest daughter). Terry is my cousin (the groom's brother).

Loretta and Fred
(Loretta is the groom's stepmom and Fred is the groom's dad
... so my aunt and uncle)

Vanda and Fred,
the bride and groom

It was Terry's birthday yesterday so they surprised him with a cake

Vanda and Fred, the bride and groom

More good news! Vanda and Fred are going to be parents on March 3! Congrats!


Jay said...

That's some complicated family ties, but yay for the happy couple!

Isabel said...

the wedding pictures look beautiful!

Christine said...

Beautiful bride. Wow. Amazing pictures.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous place for a wedding! Congrats to them both.

B said...

prague looks like a beautiful place, and they look so much in love in that pic

LEA said...

Gorgeous place and even more so...gorgeous couple!

Love just seems to be in the air. Sheesh..I need a puppy. :x)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the one of the two of them in the middle of the square!