Sunday, 5 August 2007

Book ~ "And God Created the Au Pair" - Benedicte Newland and Pascale Smets (2006)

From ~ And God Created the Au Pair chronicles two years in the lives of Charlotte Bailey and Nell Fenton, sisters separated from each other by an ocean and from their sanity by their children. Nell, who has recently been uprooted to Canada, is awash in potty training, keeping up with the Stepford wife next door and fantasizing about murdering the pet hamster. Charlotte is lucky enough to enlist three au pairs, but still must contend with nosy neighbors, a fixer-upper that refuses to be fixed and a lazy brother-in-law who refuses to leave. Through it all, both sisters are determined to remain the elegant, creative, and wonderful mothers they truly are . . .

The style of this book is interesting ... it's just emails, mainly between Charlotte and Nell. Charlotte lives in England and Nelle lives here in Toronto.

I found it funny and interesting for the most part. It started getting tiresome towards the end and could have been a lot shorter.

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