Sunday, 26 August 2007

"Nunsense", Stage West, Toronto, ON

A Musical Comedy by Dan Goggin. The Little Sisters of Hoboken operate Mount Saint Helen’s School in Hoboken, New Jersey. They went unnoticed until one day their cook, Sister Julia-Child of God, unwittingly served some tainted vichyssoise soup and 52 sisters died of botulism. Fortunately, a few of the sisters were off playing bingo and so were spared. Upon discovering the disaster, Mother Superior had a vision in which she was told to start a greeting card company to raise funds for the burials. The cards were an enormous success they even bought a VCR. Of course, they ran short and only had enough funds to bury 48 nuns. They decided to stage a talent show to raise the money to bury the last four sisters who were put in the convent deep freeze. The talent show is like no other you have ever seen … tales of life as a nun, a puppet show, tap dancing, a solo about being a star and more.

Gord and I saw this today. Though it was lively and lots of people found it funny, neither of us really enjoyed it.

We went to the brunch and I did pretty well in sticking to points and the detox. I had some lovely roasted potatoes (allowed). The chicken was deep fried small pieces coated with honey garlic sauce ... not so good. So I had some roast beef instead. Beef isn't allowed on the detox but I figured it was better than the chicken.

For dessert, I had a bite (honestly!) of pecan pie, brownie and apple strudel. My plate was filled with watermelon, melon, grapes, pineapple and strawberries. Much better!

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Isabel said...

This was just playing here in town. Didn't really interest me enough to want to see it. My MIL loved it though.