Friday 12 January 2024

Book ~ "Sparky" (2021) Ellen Miles

From Goodreads ~ Lizzie's got some competition! At Caring Paws Animal Shelter to volunteer, she meets newcomer Harper. Like Lizzie, Harper loves and knows lots about dogs! 

But when Sparky, a tiny Chihuahua mix, arrives with an injured leg to the shelter, the two girls will have to team up to find this sweet and strong puppy a perfect home.

Lizzie and Charles are in elementary school. Their family, the Petersons, have a puppy named Buddy plus they foster dogs and help them find homes.

Lizzie is a volunteer at the local animal shelter and when Harper, a new girl, starts volunteering, she is a bit jealous. But that is forgotten when a young Chihuahua dog is brought to the shelter that was found hurt by the side of the road.  Lizzie and Harper, along with Ms. Dobbins who runs the shelter, take the dog to the vet right away. Though the dog is hurt, he is still spunky so the vet names him Sparky. The big concern about Sparky is his leg and whether the vet can save it. Unfortunately she can't and the Petersons foster this tripawd until he can find the perfect home.

Though this book is a quick read and directed at elementary-aged children, I found it entertaining. There is a learning experience and a puppy tip at the end. It is written in third person perspective and first person from Sparky's point of view. It is the 62nd in the Puppy Place series.

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