Thursday 11 January 2024

Book ~ "How Canada Works: The People Who Make Our Nation Thrive" (2024) Peter Mansbridge and Mark Bulgutch

From Goodreads ~ In this latest collection of personal stories, Peter Mansbridge and former CBC producer Mark Bulgutch shine a light on the everyday jobs that keep our nation running and the inspiring people who perform them with empathy and kindness.

Meet the 911 operator in British Columbia who sends help to callers in crisis and stays on the line, steadying them as they wait. Hear from the chief of the Neskantaga First Nation in northern Ontario, who sacrifices his personal time to fight for better resources for his community, which has had a boil water advisory since the mid-1990s. From the air traffic controller who ensures people get to where they need to go, to the midwife in Saskatchewan who guides families through pregnancy and the birthing process, these are the jobs that connect Canadians on both a logistical and personal level.

Though Canada is still very much a work in progress, this enlightening book celebrates how we are greater than the sum of our parts by championing the people that make our country great.

Peter Mansbridge is a former anchor of CBC’s The National and Mark Bulgutch is a former CBC producer.  They have put together a collection of stories of ordinary Canadians which have been written by the Canadian themselves (so it's in first person perspective).

The stories are varied and interesting and include a Scarborough funeral director, an Edmonton window washer, a Saskatchewan midwife, a parole board member, a small town mayor, a Montreal tour guide, a St. John's wedding planner, a Winnipeg mall manager, an Edmonton zookeeper, a Halifax hotel manager and more. I liked that the stories were about people all across Canada and were a mix of men and women. We got to know them and why/how they chose their respective fields.

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