Sunday 19 November 2023

OEB Breakfast Co., Toronto, ON (Toronto Street)

I follow OEB Breakfast on Instagram. They recently had a contest to win a VIP brunch for 2 today at their soon-to-open location downtown on Toronto Street and I won!

DevoDLive was playing tunes. 

Gotta love complimentary Mimosas to start the day! 

There were 4 meals to choose from. I ordered The Notorious B.I.T. (angus chuck burger, white truffle aioli, the works, Vegan Japanese milk bun) … I got regular mayo rather than white truffle aioli. It was a delicious burger and the waffle fries were fun. 

Gord got the Montreal Smoked Brisket Eggs Benny (brown butter Hollandaise and herb potatoes fried in beef tallow, shaved Montreal smoked brisket, smoked sweet mustard). He said it was good. 

The staff were friendly and attentive. Geoffrey was our server … thanks, Geoffrey!

When we arrived at OEB Breakfast for brunch, we were each given a ticket and told to hand them in at the stand outside when we left. When we did, we were given baskets of goodies which included honey from Chandler Honey, 6 organic eggs, a lager from Collective Arts, a bottle of cream liquor from Wayne Gretzky Estates, a bag of coffee from Umbria, Rainbow Mix micro greens from Herbman and 6 blueberry chicken bangers. How nice is that!? Thanks, José!

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