Wednesday 20 October 2021

Nova Scotia's Community Haul ~ October 2021

My October Nova Scotia's Community Haul subscription box arrived today.

Weddings and school concerts, charity bake sales and chase-the-ace - our community halls are where Nova Scotians have come together for generations to celebrate and support one another. Since we’re together apart for the foreseeable future, we’ve transformed the community hall into a Community Haul. 

Community Haul, partnered with Symplicity Designs set out to create a safe and fun way to help the small business community through the next year. Our product forges connection, creates community, and offers you the opportunity to explore Nova Scotia - all from the safety of your home. 

We've launched a local subscription box to celebrate Nova Scotia business owners and help reboot the regional economy. By pledging your community support with a subscription, you can help keep the lights on for dozen of small businesses during these economically stressful times. What's more, every box sold will support the IWK Foundation to provide care for the women and children in the Maritimes.  

I'm originally from Nova Scotia and it's been fun receiving stuff from "back home" and helping support their economy.

Here's what I received ...
Hatched Halifax bracelet/anklet
Angry Alpaca We Rise Again tea leaves
Wildwood Creek Tidal Wild Mint + White Sage soap
Fireside scented candle (toasted marshmallow, 
smouldering woods and fire-roasted vanilla)
from Burning Flame Canada Co.

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Teresa said...

Enjoy your treasures from NS.