Thursday 5 August 2021

RendezViews, Toronto, ON

Gord and I had supper this afternoon on the patio of RendezViews, which is a collaboration of The Fifth and The Ballroom.  

This the second year for it and it's set up in the parking lot between the two restaurants on Richmond Street, just east of John Street.

There are two sides and we sat on the Ballroom side ... each side/restaurant has their own menu.

It's very colourful!


Gord ordered Fish & Chips.  He said it was good and he'd get it again.

Gabby was our server and I ordered her favourite ... a hot chicken sandwich.  I didn't get it tossed in sauce and Gabby suggested a split French fries and house made potato chips.  Good choice and I'd get it again.

Gabby was friendly and chatty and good care of us.

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