Sunday 22 August 2021

Book ~ "Falling" (2021) T.J. Newman

From Goodreads ~ You just boarded a flight to New York.

There are one hundred and forty-three other passengers onboard.

What you don’t know is that thirty minutes before the flight your pilot’s family was kidnapped.

For his family to live, everyone on your plane must die.

The only way the family will survive is if the pilot follows his orders and crashes the plane.

Enjoy the flight.

Bill is a pilot who got called in at the last minute for a flight to New York.  After he is on his way, he receives a message that his family has been kidnapped.  He has to decide who gets to live.  If he crashes the plane in Washington, killing himself, his crew and the 143 passengers, his family will live.  If he refuses, his family will die.  Bill refuses to crash the plane and demands that his family live.  Unfortunately that's not his decision.  

Jo is part of the crew on the plane and Bill trusts her and tells her what's happening.  She has a nephew who is an FBI agent and texts him for help.  While he is doing all he can to help her, the decisions the FBI and the American president may have to make may not save the plane.

This is the debut novel of this author and I thought it was okay.  For the most part, I liked the writing style, though I found it could have been tighter as it dragged sometimes.  I thought the story was farfetched at times but went with it.  It's too bad the author went with a stereotypical bad guy ... it would have been so much more interesting had she gone a different way for the "whodunnit" and why.  It is written in third person perspective, depending on where the action was.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

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