Thursday 8 July 2021

Book ~ "On Borrowed Time" (2011) David Rosenfelt

From Goodreads ~ Richard Kilmer is head over heels in love with Jennifer Ryan, who takes him home to meet her parents, where she accepts his marriage proposal. 

While visiting, they set out on a nostalgic drive up to Kendrick Falls. On their way there, a freak storm rolls in, Richard loses control of his car, and it rolls. When the storm clears in a matter of seconds, Jen is gone. Richard can't find her and neither can the police who respond to the scene. 

More horrifying is that no one in Richard's life will even confirm Jen's existence, and all traces of her have disappeared. Where could she be? Has Richard lost his mind, or has something far worse happened?

Richard is a freelance journalist.  He meets Jennifer at a rally and they fall in love and move in together.  When they visit her parents, he proposes and she accepts.  One day before they head home they go for a drive and a sudden storm comes up.  They get in an accident and Jennifer ends up missing.  Richard heads back to her parents' house to see if she went there but her mother has no idea who Richard is, Jennifer's father has been dead for 20 years and Jennifer apparently passed away when she was a young child.  When Richard goes home, none of his friends who he and Jennifer had spent time with have any recollection of Jennifer.  Huh?

Richard isn't sure what's going on but is determined to figure it out.  After he writes about his experience, he gets a call from Allie, whose identical twin, Julie, is missing and Richard and Allie somehow assume that Julie is Jennifer.  Together they start investigating to see what happened to Julie and/or Jennifer.

I've read many books by this author, mostly his Andy Carpenter series, and this is a stand alone.  I like the writing style and it is written in first person perspective in Richard's voice and third person perspective when the focus is on others.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

I really like the Andy Carpenter series and thought this storyline was intriguing.  I found the ending a bit convoluted and confusing, though.

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