Tuesday 20 July 2021

College Falafel, Toronto, ON

I've been thinking about a donair the last couple of weeks and picked one up for lunch today at my usual spot, College Falafel (at Ossington Avenue and College Street).  

The owners, Oljana and Bard, are very nice and friendly and they make good donairs.

There are a wide variety of condiments but traditionally a donair has meat, tomatoes, onions and sauce.  I got just tomatoes and donair sauce (I'm not a fan of onions) and Gord got onions (he's not a fan of tomatoes).  The donair is served in a pita pocket.  The meat was good and tender and the sauce was tasty.

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Teresa said...

That sure looks yummy. An East Coast Donair style place opened near our home not long ago but unfortunately it closed shop during the pandemic. It was authentic in taste to those served in Nova Scotia so sad that it is gone.