Sunday 25 February 2018

Ice Breakers 2018, Toronto, ON

Gord and I took a long walk this afternoon and ended up at Harboufront.  Since we were there, we checked out the Ice Breakers 2018 installations.

For Ice Breakers’ second year the theme is “Constellation”. This can be interpreted in various ways, and we can expect to see work that is challenging, while also accessible, reminding the public that public art can be fun and engaging. 

The intention is to bring colour, warmth and activity to the water’s edge, inviting people to take a winter walk along the Waterfront and appreciate the unique Toronto landscape at this time of year.

It has been extended to March 18

There were over 100 submissions and here are the five winners.

Ensemble from Portugal
Gord - Ensemble from Portugal
Through the Eyes of the Bear from Canada
Winter Fan Fare from Canada
Gord - Winter Fan Fare from Canada
Black Bamboo from China
Me - Black Bamboo from China
Root Cabin from Canada
Gord and I - Root Cabin from Canada
Root Cabin from Canada
Root Cabin from Canada

Here are some other pictures of our walk along the Harbourfront.

We chatted with some furries
We chatted with some furries

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